We’ve all seen the 10 year Challenge doing the rounds on Facebook and its been fun seeing all the images of friends and family back in the day compared to what they look like now.

Believe it of not, as a photographer, we tend to do this all the time. Its important to us to continue to grow and improve our art and one way we do that is to look back at our previous work and compare it with what we are producing now.

Over the 13 years i’ve been in business, I have grown and improved as a photographer. Sometimes you don’t realise just how far you have come until look back at where you started.

So in the spirit of the #10yearchallange here are some of the photos from back when I first started, compared to photos of my more recent work.


Here is one of the first studio sessions I ever did:

I was so proud of this image. I had been working as a wedding photographer and had just started branching into portraits.

looking back at it I can see just how far my work has come. I’ve gone from cheesy posing to more classic, timeless posing like in the images below.

My focus now is all on the connection between each member of the family and the connection they have to each other.

I also advise my clients on what to wear for their session, so in images, no one stands out more that someone else and the focus of the viewer is on the whole of the photo, not individuals.


Here is one of my very first outdoor sessions. Again really cheesy posing and the colours are off.

Now my outdoor sessions are all beautifully posed (as well as some fun ones too) and the colours of the images are all perfect. As with my studio images everyone receives a guide on what to wear to their session to help create that perfect image.


Here are 2 of my very first newborn sessions. In both photos the babies look uncomfortable and I love the fact that I use to keep the nappy on them lol. Back then I had no training in Newborn photography. Needless to say after these sessions I invested in lots of training, including training with one of the top Newborn photographers in the world! – Kelly Brown.

Here are some images of my recent Newborn work. I wanted to show similar poses to the ones above to show just how far my work has come.

All the babies are comfortable and relaxed. They are posed perfectly and all beautifully edited. Add not a nappy insight lol. All the thousands of pounds i’ve spent on my training has really paid off.


Parent & Newborn Images

One of the first ever parent and newborn photos I ever did. Wasn’t really sure how to pose them back then. I knew I wanted mum cradling baby, but I wasn’t really sure how to do the pose. I remember being so happy with this image.

Im now much happier with my Parent and newborn posing. The lighting is perfect and everyone in the image is in focus. All the focus is on the people in the image, not what they are wearing. It makes for a classic timeless image that shows just how small baby was in his parents arms.

I have invested thousands in training over my 13 years in business and I think that shows in just how far my work has come.

I’m improving all the time and never stop learning and I will continue to invest in my training. Im so excited to see where I will be in another 10 years.

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