Monthly Archives: March 2015

Why I chose to breast feed – an interview with a mum.

With all the hype in the news recently about how breast feeding makes your baby smarter, richer and healthier I decided to ask a couple of mummies who’s babies I have photographed about their choice on how to feed their babies. In this blog I speak to a mummy who exclusively breastfeeds her baby &…

Moving your baby into their own room

 We all know that the current guidelines are that your baby should sleep in the same room as you until they are 6 months old. We are all told this by the health visitor or midwife that comes to see you when you get out of hospital.   These were exactly what I intended to…

Bettsie’s Newborn Portraits – Chesterfield Newborn Photography

Bettsie was just 15 days new when she came for her newborn portraits. She was part of my training day where I was teaching another photographer the art of Newborn Photography. She was the first baby of the day for the training session and was just perfect. These were all posed, photographed & edited by…

Amy & David’s Pre Wedding Session – Chesterfield Wedding Photographer

On a very cold February morning, I met up with Amy & David for their pre wedding session at Hardwick Hall. We had a walk around the gardens and took some photos, while chatting about the wedding. Here are some photos from their session:As a Chesterfield Wedding Photographer a complementary pre wedding session is an integral part…

Why safety is important in newborn photography

When you made the decision about what car seat you wanted for your Newborn, did you choose a one that was cheap and of an unknown brand or a more expensive well know brand with an impeccable safety record? Im guessing many of you will say the latter. Why? Simple, because you are trusting your tiny baby’s…

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