Monthly Archives: August 2015

Choosing a Sling

  Whether you’re a parent of one or eight children, there are probably a hundred times every day where you think “why haven’t I got more than one pair of hands”. Demands on your time, household chores, other family members needing you and a baby or toddler who just wants some cuddling time can often…

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Postnatal depression and me.

I was full of that nervous excitement that any expectant mum feels when expecting their first child. Little did I know that within 3 months of giving birth my life would be hanging in the balance. My husband and I have been very excited when we discover I was pregnant and began planning form the start. She…

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Why you should book your newborn Photography session before your baby is here

  As a Derbyshire Specialist Newborn Photographer I always advise mums to book their newborn photography session after their 20 week scan. Why? Well there is two reasons for this: 1) Because this will guarantee that you can have a session with myself and 99% of the time it will be before your baby is…

Coping with the first day of school

With September rapidly approaching, many parents and children have started to think anxiously about the first day of school. As a parent, it’s natural to be worried. After all, you’ve nurtured your babies since they were tiny and all of a sudden you’re expected to hand them to the care of their teachers. Even if…

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Do you really need a profession Newborn Photographer?

Let me ask you this question; If you had to evacuate your house in the next 10 mins, what would you take with you (apart from your family & pets)…. ….No it wouldn’t be you big screen TV or your playstation. It would be you family heirlooms, such as Grandma’s antique engagement ring, family photos…

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