Monthly Archives: October 2015

5 Tips on Surviving a c-section birth

Whether it’s an emergency to elective process, the thought of having a C-section can be very scary. Here are my tips for surviving a Section. 1. Don’t panic I completely panicked when I was told I had to have an emergency C-section. I was so worried about being cut open and I got really scared…

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Staying safe at Halloween

Whether you’re an avid Trick or Treater, you’ve got an awesome party lined up or you’re staying in with a cauldron of tasty treats ready for little witches and ghouls, Halloween can be a great time for all the family. However, amongst all of the fun of the spooky season, there is a need to…

A photographer in front of the camera

Like many photographers I don’t like being in front of the camera, but in June this year I decided this needed to change. I really want some professional photos of myself and my horse, who I have owned for over 20 years. You see in the last 3 years she’s had 2 near fatal accidents and…

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Things to do in half term

Of all the children’s holidays where finding an activity is difficult, Autumn Half Term can be the worst: the weather can be tricky and they’ve only just had between 6 and 8 weeks off! But whether you’re ready or not, October half-term is here and you’re going to have to find some things to do…

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My secret pregnancy guilt

For quite a few years I have been hiding a terrible secret. One that I feared would make other mummy look at me and think I was a terrible person. I hated being pregnant…there I said it…I really hated being pregnant. Before becoming pregnant with my first child I use to read about pregnancy being a…

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