Monthly Archives: December 2015

Baby’s First Christmas

  If it’s your first Christmas with your baby, it’s undoubtedly going to be more special, and of course infinitely different than any you’ve had before. Depending on how old your bundle of joy is, they might not even be aware that Christmas is anything more than an ordinary day yet, but that doesn’t mean…

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Yes I had a C-section – No I’m not ashamed!

I recently read a disturbing article with a meme that featured a woman with a c-section scar. On it was written the following: “Face the facts: You didn’t really give birth. You caught a lucky break. Please show respect to superior women who actually had what it took to get the job done.” As a…

Visiting Santa

Whether you’re 4 or 40, Christmas is and should be a magical time. Whatever your family and whatever your traditions, Christmas is about love and spending quality time together, and for many with younger children that means a visit to Father Christmas. However, not every child is a big fan of a large man with…

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