Monthly Archives: January 2016

Me Time: Why You Need It

Whether you’re a busy working parent, a stay at home mum or married to your career, having time to yourself is essential. You might hear it being referred to as “me time” and it’s absolutely vital that you have some on a regular basis. Here’s why: Enjoying our own company Although it sounds a bit…

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Poo, poo & more poo

  Before I had children I use to hear parents talking about their baby’s bowl movements and thinking how disgusting it was to be taking about it with your friends. Now that I am a mum I completely understand! For all you first time mums to be, here is the simple truth, you will become obsessed with your…

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Imaginative Play

  January can be the worst of months. With no Christmas to look forward to, cold (often snowy) weather and a lack of money to do anything “fun”, the children (and the adults) are easily bored and irritated. However, rubbish weather and a lack of funds doesn’t mean you all have to be bored. You…

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The Jaundice baby & your newborn session

I have been a Derbyshire newborn photographer for over 4 years now and have seen many baby’s with jaundice, including my own babies. What is jaundice? Jaundice is caused by the normal breakdown of red blood cells. This process releases a chemical called ‘bilirubin’, which makes the skin yellow. Babies break down red blood cells…

Seasonal Affective Disorder

  Often known as the January or Winter Blues, Seasonal Affective Disorder (“SAD”) is a type of depression that often affects people seasonally. Having already talked about my own battle with Post Natal Depression, I think that more should be said and done about all forms of depression, so in this blog I wanted to…

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