Monthly Archives: February 2016

How Much Time At Home?

  As a mum, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make after having your children is whether to return to work, and if so in what capacity. As well as the various financial considerations, you’ll have the dreaded “mummy guilt” to contend with. Work too much and you risk spending too much time away from…

8 tips to help with a new baby

Having a baby can be quite a scary and daunting time for a lot of first time mums, so i’ve put together a few tips to help: 1, Freezer meals. When you first go on maternity leave. Cook loads of meal that you can freeze. This will come in very handy once your baby is here…

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Photography Business Workshop

I have been a photographer for the best part of 9 years now. In this time I have seen my business grow from a hobby to a full on successful business. Last year I was asked to run a live 2 day Newborn Posing & Business Workshop for Engage Live which was broadcast to over 2000 photographers across the…

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Mothers Day with a Difference

  It can’t have escaped your notice that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. There are cards and chocolates everywhere. All of the nice restaurants and pubs are advertising that they’re taking bookings and there are CD compilations which have (allegedly) been hand selected for mum’s everywhere, available. The truth is that not all…

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Quality Times for Couples

We’ve all been told time and time again about the importance of quality time as a couple. Not only will it reinvigorate your relationship but it will remind you of why you’re a couple in the first place. And wouldn’t it be nice to have a conversation that wasn’t interrupted by “will you help me…

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