Monthly Archives: May 2016

The importance of being in the picture – Guest post

Todays post is a guest blog by Lu Etchells about the importance of us mums being present in photos. Hi, I’m Lu and I’m a slightly squidgy round the edges pregnant again Mum of four. As my eldest has just turned 7, and tiny human number 5 is due in 3 months you can probably…

Pregnancy after miscarriage.

When trying for a baby, seeing those two lines on a pregnancy test can be one of the most amazing and emotional moments of your life. Whether it’s been a much anticipated pregnancy, planned with almost military precision, or something that caught you a little off-guard, those two lines show that things are about to…

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What you should know about baby safety.

When you hand your new baby over to anyone, you are always anxious. They are the most precious thing in your life, so you want to make sure that they are being held right, with their head being supported at all times. It’s exactly the same when you take your baby for their newborn portraits….

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4 Tips for coping with long a long labour.

After up to 42 long, long weeks of pregnancy it’s fair to say that most of us Mums-to-be want the birthing process to be over and done with relatively quickly. Unfortunately, statistics suggest that as a first time Mum you can expect your labour to be anywhere from 12-18 hours. However, no woman, no pregnancy…

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