Monthly Archives: June 2016

Pregnancy and Morning Sickness

Unfortunately one of the most common side effects of pregnancy is the dreaded morning sickness. Whether it’s a case of feeling a little queasy, or being violently sick all day long, it won’t take long before you’re wondering what on earth you have let yourself in for. Up to 80% of women experience some form…

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The Rise of the Lotus Birth

Perhaps you’ve heard of it, perhaps you’ve not, but there’s a phenomenon in the world of birthing that is on the rise: The Lotus Birth. What is it? A lotus birth is the term given to the practice of leaving the umbilical cord uncut after delivery. Instead of a midwife clamping and cutting the cord…

Surviving Pregnancy in the heat

  Current indications suggest that Britain may be on the brink of a long lasting summer heat wave (I know, I know  lets keep our fingers crossed summer actually gets started). While many may leap for joy and break out the suntan lotion, those with babies due in the next three months may have other reactions. Pregnancy…

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It’s not sexism when applied to men.

  Father’s Day is round the corner (19th June, in case you’ve missed the advertisements) and I thought it was a good time to celebrate the role that Dad’s play in our children’s lives. A quick look at the selection of cards on offer in your local supermarket, or any store in the High Street…

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