Monthly Archives: August 2016

Tips to help prepare your child for starting school.

With September just round the corner. If you have a little one that is about to start school for the first time you will no doubt be feeling a whole mix of emotions. So will your little one. What can you do then over the next few weeks to help prepare them for the huge milestone they…

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Keeping it local – Miss T’s Tea Room Wingerworth

As many of you will already know, I have had my own little photography studio at my home in the lovely little Derbyshire village called Wingerworth. Its not a big village but it dose has some fab business and, where I can, I love to shop local. So I have decided that I am going to blog…

5 tips to make travelling while pregnant a breeze

  It’s August and that means it’s the perfect month to escape for a bit of much needed R&R. If you happen to be pregnant whilst planning a holiday then you may have a few questions about what the safest things for you to do are. Here are our top tips, no matter what your…

Pregnancy around the world

  With the Olympic games in full swing we thought it would be a good opportunity to see how women in other countries experience pregnancy and labour. The Netherlands The vast majority of women in Holland are treated solely by a midwife, not even seeing a doctor or obstetrician unless in cases of medical necessity….

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5 things to make traveling with kids easier

Becoming a parent is a pretty steep learning curve. One minute you have no experience and no earthly idea how to get through the next hour alone with your newborn, let alone the rest of your life and then suddenly it happens, you get in to the swing of it. Once upon a time leaving…

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