Monthly Archives: November 2016

Stranger Danger

October brings with it colder and shorter days. As it starts to get darker quicker, we often, as parents, become increasingly concerned about the best ways to keep our children safe as they make their way to or from school. Whether it’s simply ensuring they have suitable reflective clothing, a cycle helmet that fits or…

Things to do outside this Autumn

Every season brings with it wonderful opportunities to explore nature, and autumn is no different. Why not read through some of our fab ideas for getting out and about this month and see if anything inspires you? We’d love to hear your suggestions too. Go on a spider web hunt One morning gran your wellies…

Bonfire Crafts

As we move into November our thoughts start to turn Bonfire Night. Lovely cold evenings stood around with mugs of hot chocolate, gripping on to sparklers and oohing and aahing at the fireworks lighting up the night sky. What could be better? Well, a nice warm room and a snuggle on the sofa wouldn’t go amiss,…

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