Monthly Archives: April 2017

Chesterfield Family Location Photography

As a Derbyshire portrait photographer I love that the weather is finally starting to warm up, now is the perfect time for Family Location Photography. To give me a little refresher, I decided to do some training in children’s outdoor photography, something I’ve not done for a few years. It was good to get back to…

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Bluebell mini portrait sessions – Chesterfield Portrait photography

I love this time of year, the weather has started to get a little better and the whole country is starting to bust into colour. Its now that my favourite flowers start to bloom – The bluebells. Without fail, every single year, the woods not to far from the village, put on a spectacular display…

Katie’s Pregnancy Diary – The news is out

The news in out! I know they say to wait till 12 weeks to tell people but I couldn’t resist telling my mum on Mother’s day! We travelled down to London on the Sunday morning and surprised her with flowers and revealed our news with photos inside her Mother’s day card. My parents are over…

Know your maternity rights

Finding out you’re pregnant can be an exciting and somewhat terrifying time. There’s the thrill at knowing you are going to become a parent, but also the worry about how everything will go, the unknown and also how much it’s going to impact on your current life. The simple truth is that no matter how…

National sibling Day

Until you had children you probably didn’t realise how peaceful your life was. You could get up when you wanted (on days off, at least), you could leave the house with a minimum of fuss, you could make last minute plans. Then along came little one and BOOM. Chaos and disorder reigned. After a while…

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