Monthly Archives: May 2017

10 tips for keeping your baby safe

Becoming a parent for the first time is on overwhelming experience, filled with a whole mix of emotions. What often strikes many first time Mums and Dads is the sense of responsibility, something they have never truly experienced before. When your newborn is handed to you for the first time you immediately feel the weight…

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Katie’s Pregnancy Diary – OMG im 17 Weeks

It only just dawned on me that I am 17 weeks pregnant already! 17 weeks that have completely flown by! I’m nearly half way through. With my first two pregnancies it felt like I was pregnant forever. I suppose I’m so busy this time, having both Ellis and Lola to run around after. Well, I…

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SAT’s Stress

This week up and down the country Year 6 students will be taking their KS2 SATs. Whilst a lot of preparation goes in to them, with children attending SATs revisions clubs, breakfast clubs, after school clubs and a myriad of other “add ons”, the reality is the exams themselves last a total of 3 hours…

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Little green fingers

Now that Spring has well and truly sprung our attentions often turn to the outside world and all that nature has to offer. Many schools now have garden areas where they encourage children to get involved with planting and caring for flowers and vegetables, but there is plenty you can do at home, regardless of…

Katie’s Pregnancy diary – 12 weeks Scan

Well I’m finally into the second trimester, still vomiting, still exhausted. I’ve had my dating scan and have October 19th as my due date which feel like a lifetime away. The scan was just as amazing as with my other two. Its incredibly to see its an actual baby, with fingers and toes wiggling about….

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