Monthly Archives: June 2017

Gifts for teachers

Sports day is just around the corner, and that means the summer holidays won’t be far behind. Whilst the prospect of entertaining your little ones for a full six weeks is likely to cause you a certain amount of dread, one thing that’s sure to make any parent hyperventilate is the age-old question what to…

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Katie’s pregnancy Diary – Melting!

Heatwaves are hard enough, I really can’t cope with the heat but being 23 weeks pregnant has made it even harder! Luckily Lola seems to have inherited my intolerance to the sun so we’ve been keeping ourselves nice and cool indoors though even with the windows open it still feels like an oven. Even trying…

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Bad parenting advice

  When it comes to parenting, not all advice is created equal. As soon as you bring a tiny human in to the world, everyone you know, vaguely know, met once, or bump in to in the supermarket will be a child-rearing expert, and will want to impart their words of wisdom on you. People…

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5 Things to do before baby arrives

Whether you’re counting down the days until your first bundle of joy arrives, or you’re just about to start trying to increase your family from two to three, we’ve been thinking about the things you simply must do before it’s too late. You’ll have heard other people say it time and time again, but having…

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Mini first aid course at Wings Photography

  On Tuesday 6th June, I held a 2 hour first aid course at my studio for parents. The course was conducted by Alex from Mini First aid Sheffield. 5 ladies (and baby Felix) came along to learn all about what to do in an emergency. In the 2 hours we covered: What to do if a…

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