Monthly Archives: July 2017

Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are now upon us– two short words that will either fill you with joy, or utter dread. If it’s the latter we know it’s nothing to do with you not wanting to spend time with your little treasures, more simply a case of what on earth do you do with them to keep…

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Katie’s Pregnancy diary – Suprise

So week 26! Time to sit and relax? Of course not! Time to get married!   After being engaged for nearly 3 years we decided to just go for it and plan a small wedding with just our family. In theory it sounded simple enough but when you realise an hour before the ceremony your…

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Baby Keepsakes

Most of us have heard the phrase “they grow so quick”, but it’s not until you become a parent yourself that you really begin to understand how quickly a baby can turn in to a fully-fledged teenager. One minute they’re being handed to you and their first breath takes yours away; the next they’re having…

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Activities for kids – Archaeology Month

In case you didn’t know (and there’s every chance you didn’t), July is the festival of British Archaeology, and throughout the month there are numerous events taking place up and down the country. Whilst few younger children are likely to know what archaeology is (i.e. the study of human culture through the recovery of material…

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What children really want from you

No matter how many things we download or purchase that are meant to make our lives easier, it seems most of us still never feel we have enough time. If you throw kids in to the mix, then things can start to get pretty stressful. Every parent worries they’re failing their children somewhere along the…

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