Monthly Archives: August 2017

Newborn & Child first aid

There is nothing in the world quite like holding your tiny newborn in your arms. It’s a feeling like no other. Right from the moment you discover you are expecting your life has changed, you are not just you anymore, you are responsible for another human, one that is growing helplessly inside your womb. You…

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Why book your newborn session after your 20 week scan

Its always a question that I get asked. Why should we book in for our newborn session before baby is here?  The earlier you book, (I recommend that you wait for until you’ve had your 20 week scan before booking), the better chance you have of having your newborn photographed in the first 2 weeks after…

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Children and Family Photography sessions

When people book in a photo shoot with me which is going to include children they often panic about making sure we get the “right” shots. Or they worry I’m going to struggle to handle their little ones, apologising for their behaviour before the camera’s out of the bag. I like to think I’m able…

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