Monthly Archives: September 2017

Pregnant? Foods you should avoid

Pregnancy does some weird and wonderful things to your body. OK, mainly just weird. Apart from things growing, getting bigger, swollen or suddenly sticking out, you might discover a love for new food and interesting food combination. Peanut butter and sardine pizzas, anyone? While a little of what you fancy is often a good idea,…

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One of the hardest things about being a parent is when your child, no matter what their age, is ill or in pain. The feeling of helplessness is overwhelming, and it’s made even worse if they are too young to be able to tell you what’s wrong. The first time you’re likely to experience this…

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Katie’s pregnancy diary – 34 weeks

I survived the summer holidays!! Ellis is finally back at school and there is only 6 more weeks till the little lady’s arrival! In my head 6 weeks really isn’t a long time but I have a feeling it’s going to drag by. This is the period where you are told to “try get some…

Three things they don’t tell you about becoming a new mum

If you are currently pregnant with your first child, you will no doubt have read a whole host of articles, books, websites, and forum threads to try and get up to speed on what to expect. Equally, you’ll have probably sought advice from every mother you come across and had professionals thrust half a rainforest…

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Newborn photography safety – Setting the standard

As a Chesterfield Newborn Photographer, I see so many people offering newborn photography. It is one of the fastest growing genre of photograph. They think its easy money any anyone can pick up a camera and pose a baby, but how do you know if they really know what they are doing? Contrary to popular…

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