Monthly Archives: April 2018

Bridget’s really birth story

This Is my lovely client, Bridget’s really birth story. I was due to have baby on Sunday 17th July and on the Thursday before I went for a sweep, but the midwife told me I couldn’t have one because my cervix was to posterior and too hard. So she said that she predicted I would…

Is there to much pressure on new mums?

With the news of the birth of the 3rd child of Prince William and Kate all eyes were eagerly awaiting the first glimpse of the new baby. However the media weren’t just waiting to capture the first photos of the new price they want to see the royal couple too, and specifically, Kate! Now we…

Real birth Stories – Tamsin

Thank you to my lovely client Tamsin for sharing here birth story. My first pregnancy was initially consultant led due to it being an I.V.F pregnancy. I then ended up having extra growth scans and more appointments as my ‘bump’ was always measuring too small. I was due on Thursday January 14th 2016. After yet…

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