Monthly Archives: August 2018

The stages of labour

Every women’s labour  and delivery is going to be completely different. And one of the most frequently googled questions is “how long will my labour last”. Unfortunately, the straight answer to that is know one really knows. I mean, how long is a piece of string? What is labour? Labour is a series of continuos…

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Baby v’s Sibling

Its an exciting time for everyone when you are expecting a new baby. But for young children it can be a very unsettling and emotional time. After all they have been use to you giving them all of your attention and now a new baby is taking all of your attention , pretty much all…

Newborn acne

Having photographed hundreds of newborn in my Derbyshire based studio,  I have met lots of tiny little babies, over the years and every single one is different. I’ve seen quite a few newborns with what is known as Baby acne. Baby acne looks, just as it’s described, think teenage acne but on a baby. Babies can…

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