Monthly Archives: February 2019

Bath time – How to bath your baby

I remember the very first time I bathed my daughter, I was still in the hospital after having my emergency c-section, but I was up and about. I had never given a baby a bath before and to say I was worried would be an understatement. Luckily, I had the midwives on hand to show…

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How to help a baby with colic

There is nothing worse in the world than hearing your baby crying for hours and you have no idea whats wrong. You just want to help your baby and sooth away any pain and discomfort. You’ve checked baby over to make sure that everything is ok, they dont need changing and they are not hungry….

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Cake smash Photography Derbyshire – 1st Birthday ideas

The first year of your beautiful baby’s life will fly by. Im not only speaking to you as a Cake smash Photographer, but as a mum of 2. Trust me when I say, before you can turn around twice, your once tiny newborn will be crawling around getting into everything and BAM its their first…

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