Monthly Archives: July 2019

Babies on a plane – HELPPPPPP

Every year my family and I fly off to our annual summer holiday, It’s usually a long 8 hour journey and my kids travel reasonably well. We have iPads with lots of games and movie on, plus the movies that are on offer on the flight, so there’s plenty to keep them entertained. But my…

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How to clip your baby’s nails – A handy guide

As cute as those tiny finger are on your newborn, they seem to come equipped with nails as sharp as the talons on a bald eagle. They will scratch the hell out of you and themselves, scratching their perfect little squishy faces at every given opportunity. Now you might think “it cant be that hard to…

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Doing it differently the 2nd time around

When you have your first baby, its all very new. Babies don’t come with an instruction manual, so unless you’ve had a lot to do with babies, you will probably read every book going on how to care for your baby. However, things are very much different when you have your 2nd child. You’ve been…

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