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As excited (and exhausted) as you are after the birth of your baby, it’s likely that there is a gaggle of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who are just as excited to meet your new arrival. They’re probably not as exhausted – after all, you’ve done all the work. Therefore, it’s a little understandable that you’d feel slightly daunted by the prospect of loud, excited people with boundless energy.

You can’t stop them from wanting to come, but you can make sure that the experience isn’t too much for you or your baby. These tried and tested tips can help you to help them as they meet the newest member of the family:

Tip 1 – don’t be overcrowded

The last thing that either you or baby need is to be overcrowded by visitors. Babies can be easily over-stimulated and she may become unsettled by crowds or being held by too many people. Yes, everyone wants to see you and wants cuddles but you’re not obliged to hand your baby over to anyone if you don’t want to, and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for her back. The sensible thing to do is to try and limit visitors and to ask them to leave when you think either you or baby needs a break. Of course, you don’t have to be rude. Saying something like “yes, it would be lovely to see you but we do have plans in the afternoon so maybe just for half an hour” gives lots of notice of your intentions and keeps the atmosphere happy and relaxed.

Tip 2 – Give them a job

If you’re exhausted and you simply haven’t had chance to get to the washing up or the ironing, use your visitors. You can bribe people quite well with the chance of a newborn snuggle, so use your workforce carefully!

Tip 3 – You don’t have to accept opinions

One of the first things you’ll have noticed about pregnancy is that everyone has an opinion. From names to feeding, sleeping to clothing, everyone has an idea about what’s best and people aren’t too shy in telling you their viewpoints. Of course, you may be grateful and they may be giving you the answer to questions you had, but you don’t have to accept their opinions. Finding your feet as a parent means figuring out some of the trickier elements for yourself. In addition, once you’ve accepted Granny’s advice once, there’s no saying how much she’ll try to give you in the future!

Tip 4 – Make them take you as they find you

Other than Hollywood stars and supermodels’ nobody looks amazing the day or the week after having a baby. You’re exhausted, hormonal and you’ve just given birth! So, it’s perfectly okay to answer the door with milk stained clothing, dark circles and greasy hair. Embrace it and ask anyone who doesn’t like it to pay for your next spa weekend.

I would love to hear about your tips from coping with visitors,

Lyn x