Newborn Photography Chesterfield Derbyshire

For may first time parents, their new baby is the first baby they’ve every had much to do with. Everyone will be oh hand to offer you advice but there are a few things no one thinks to tell you.

1, Panic Stations

Every time your baby gets a spot or sniffle you will panic. In fact you panic about almost everything. Are they getting enough milk or too much? is that poo normal? Am i picking them up too much, what if this happens.

Truth is its all a learning curve and unfortunately they donut come with a manual  so you’ll find yourself with on the phone to your mum or calling 111 A LOT!

2, Bedroom War zone

Your beautiful bedroom you one considered your sanctuary will start to resemble a war zone after ever night shift. There will be bottles, muslin’s (oh you couldn’t live without them), wipes & dirty nappies all over the place

3, A mini explosion

We all know baby’s poo, but many first time parents aren’t prepared for the explosive poo. This is the kind of poo that ends up all up your babies back & even in their hair. Yes folks, this really happens!

The other end can be just as bad. Projectile vomit is a real thing too. The funny thing is the first time it happens, after you get over the horror, you will amazed at just how far that little baby can puke. I’m talking about from one side of the lounge to the other.

4, Sleeping though

You will spend the first few weeks you your newborns life wishing for sleep, praying to any god that will listen for your baby to be one of those that sleep through the night from a early age. However, the first time they do, you will wake up feeling refreshed and lovely, then it hits you, YOU HAVE A BABY, que the panic and flying to the crib to check baby is still alive.

5, Welcome to the farm yard

No one ever tells you that a sleeping baby makes nosies that can only be described as like pigs on a farm. They snuff and grunt all night. I remember picking up the phone in the middle of the night to check with my mum if this was normal.

What surprised you about becoming a new parent?