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When you have your first baby it’s can be very scary, babies don’t come with a manually as such so you tend to follow the guidelines to the letter, just to be sure you are doing it all correctly.

However, when you have baby number 2 you realise that it doesn’t matter if baby misses a feed or nappy is a littler fuller before you change her. So with that in mind and me being a mum of 2, I thought i would share with you some of the thing I did differently with my 2nd child.

1, Resting

Baby 1: Everyone would say that you should catch up on sleep when your baby is napping and this is exactly what I would try and do. I could put my feet up and rest while baby is sound a sleep.

Baby 2: There was no time to put my feet up as I spent most of my time chasing after my small child. I would praise all the gods above when they actually have a nap at the same time.

2, Feeding

Baby 1: I was told that baby need to be fed every 3 hours, so that exactly what I did. I would even wake her up in the middle of a nap just so she didn’t go over the 3 hours.

Baby 2: I so busy watching the small child that I didn’t have time to clock watch so instead of feeding strictly every 3 hours I fed on demand, if baby was sleeping and was due a feed, I left it until he woke up.

3, Baby weighing

Baby 1: I don’t know about you but I use to take my  first child to be weighed every week.

Baby 2:  With my second child I probably took him every couple of months, as long as he was growing out of his clothes regally then I knew he was fine.

4, Changing baby

Baby 1: I changed my daughters nappy after every feed and any signs of wet. Yep, even did it though the night took, which inevitably work her up.

Baby 2: Change him whenever his nappy started to feel a little full or if he had pooped.

5, Playtime 

Baby 1: I spent loads of time reading and playing with the baby.

Baby 2: My daughter demanded so much of my time that I would put my son in the bouncer in front of the TV. Thank the lord for Cbeebies!

6, Weaning

Baby 1: I dutifully made all my own baby food when she stats weaning.

Baby: I had little to no time for making my own & gave up and just brought the jars.


What did you find that you did differently when you had your 2nd child?