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Having a baby can be quite a scary and daunting time for a lot of first time mums, so i’ve put together a few tips to help:

1, Freezer meals.

When you first go on maternity leave. Cook loads of meal that you can freeze. This will come in very handy once your baby is here as you wont have time to put a home cooked meal together from scratch.

2, Change of clothes

Don’t just pack extra clothes for the baby, keep a spare set of clothes for yourself in the car, just in case your new bundle of joy projectile vomits/poops on you (yeah that really does happen, a lot!) while you are out and about.

3, Nappies

Keep extra nappies in the car too, there will always be that time you have forgotten to put any in you changing bag.

4, Lotions and potions

Before baby is here start to collect different lotions and potions and keep them together in a box. My sister did this for me and I was so glad of it when I was sitting up at 2 in the morning with a colicky baby and remembered there was infacol in there.

5, Baby Swing

A baby swing is a brilliant invention, I would go as far as saying they are one of the best pieces of newborn equipment you can possible have. They gently rock your baby allowing you to get on with some house work.

6, Dummies

Babies find comfort in sucking, so if you find yourself being used as a pacifier you may want to introduce a dummy. You can never have too many as they always seem to go missing. Keep a few together in a ziplock plastic bag, so you can easily find one when you need one.

7, Go easy on yourself

A happy mum equals a happy baby. Take it easy, don’t expect too much from yourself in the first few months. Its all new and your still finding your feet, you are going to do a few things wrong, don’t panic & don’t be to hard on yourself.

Try and make sure that you have at least a couple of hours a week to yourself. Even if this is just soaking in the bath.

8, Ask for Help,

You didn’t ask for a new puppy and now it up to you to look after it. You had a baby! Don’t feel like you have to do everything yourself, ask/let your partner help. He’s probably feeling like he’s being left out if you try to do everything yourself. Its his baby as much as yours so make sure you share the load.

Do you have any tips for first time mums?