On 9th March Crufts, the world’s largest dog show kicked off, bringing us four wonderful days of all things dog related from best in breed to displays of agility and breath taking freestyle shows.

The perfect family Dog

We thought this was a perfect opportunity to find out what dogs make the “best” family pets. Plus, it was a good excuse to scour the internet looking at pictures of adorable canines in all their many forms.

So here it is, our top five list of dogs that love family time, and why.


The John Lewis Christmas ad featuring Buster the Boxer placed this lovable pooch firmly back in the hearts of the British public; however, this breed has always made a wonderful family pet. They are very much a pack animal, and love the attention an entire family can love on them. That said, they can be a little too dependent on that constant love, and can suffer from separation anxiety if left for too long. As such, they are probably best suited to a family where someone is home most of the day.

Equally, because they are known for being constantly enthusiastic and energetic (they’re really just big puppies, even when they are fully grown) they do need lots of exercise and playful interaction.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Originally bred as a fighting dog this breed does have a bad reputation, although it is easy to argue it’s unjustified. Staffies are fiercely loyal and thrive on loving, human interaction which rewards their constant need to please. They are exceptionally affectionate (you may well get licked to within an inch of your life) and despite their stocky size, are very gentle.

They are often regarded as being a “nanny dog” thanks to their fondness of children, and ability to tolerate the more playful advances of their tiny human pack members. A staffie will be more than happy to have anyone climb or lie on them, as long as they are the centre of attention.

These dogs can live up to 12 years, and need up to one hour of exercise per day. The one down side is they do like a good chew whilst they are teething, firm favourites including your furniture, woodwork and even the plaster on your walls!

Dogue de Bordeaux

This adorable large breed is another wonderful family pet as they have an inherently calm nature. Due to their large size they are also easy to exercise – one good walk and they are likely to spend the rest of the day asleep. They have a high tolerance for pain, which means the little well meaning tail pulls small children can inflict often go unnoticed (though of course, that is not to say you can take their temperament for granted at any point).

The downside for this gorgeous brute is the tendency to slobber over everything.

As many of you know I have 2 dogs myself. Both are Jackrussles  and are great with the kids.

There are hundreds of dogs in rescue centres up and down the uk, why not take a look and see if you can find your furbaby.

Do you have a dog? If so what kind of dog is it and dose it make a great family pet?