Like many photographers I don’t like being in front of the camera, but in June this year I decided this needed to change.

I really want some professional photos of myself and my horse, who I have owned for over 20 years. You see in the last 3 years she’s had 2 near fatal accidents and although I had take a few professional photos of her myself, I didn’t have any of the 2 of us together and I knew this would be something I would regret if I didn’t take the opportunity to get them done now.

This is why I decided I needed the skills of a specialist Equine Photographer, so my search began. Now you may think that being a pro photographer myself, this would make it easy, but it kind of made it a little harder. I looked at over 20 Equine photographer before I came across Equine Imaging and a lovely lady called Siân Lewis from South Wales.

I was ecstatic when she said she would travel all the way to Derbyshire. Like myself, Siân is not only a photographer with many years of experience but is a horsewoman too. This for me was key, you need to be able to fully understand horse to photograph them.

Something I really wanted to do was have photos in my wedding dress. I’ve been married for 8 years this month and my horse was meant to be at my wedding, unfortunately on the day I was let down by the people who were brining her to the venue. Siân was only too happy to grant my request and even laced me up in my dress at the farm. I’m still amazed that 8 years on and 2 kids late I can still fit into it.

Being in front of the camera was rather a daunting experience but Siân put me at ease. Lottie being the diva that she is wasn’t really bothered about posing for the camera and we went through 3 pack of polos to try any get her looking where we wanted her.

We had great fun creating the images and I now have these photos up on my wall to treasure when Lottie is no longer with me.

I can’t thank Siân enough for her skill, time and patients. I LOVE my photos and would highly recommend her for equine photography all over the country.

Lyn Chapman Lyn Chapman Lyn Chapman Lyn Chapman Lyn Chapman Lyn Chapman


Please feel free to visit her website and her Facebook page, she really is one very talented lady.