Advent Calendars


Now the Trick or Treaters have been and gone, Christmas has officially landed. The supermarkets are suddenly full of assorted chocolate tubs, tinsel and of course the obligatory Advent calendar. The countdown has begun!

Whilst Advent calendars might be a traditional way to mark the run up to Christmas itself, many people look for alternative ways to engage children during the festive period. Perhaps you are vegan, or have diary intolerances in the home; perhaps you just want to think outside of the box.

Whatever the reason, we’ve scoured the internet and come up with our favourite top five alternatives to the standard daily chocolate treat.

In no particular order …

#1 – Lego Friends

If you have a little one that is Lego obsessed, then this might just be the perfect option for you. Each day you receive a new buildable surprise which will keep them entertained for, well, a few minutes. You also received two characters as part of the calendar, and by Christmas morning you will have an entire set to play with all year round!

Slightly more expensive than your standard chocolate box at £19.99, we still think it’s worth it.

#2 – Elf on the Shelf accessories

If you’re the type of family who has an annually visiting Elf, then you’re going to love this! The kit contains lots of great ideas as to what your scamp of an Elf can get up to, and comes with a host of accessories to help keep the kids entertained.

#3 – Hama Beads

If your son, or daughter, is in to crafting, then this set for £14.99 could be a great start to every day throughout December. Each door contains a different set of beads (there are over 5,000 in total), and comes with five peg boards to lay out on. Not only that, but there are five different Christmas themed designs for children to create – there’s definitely something for everyone to stay occupied!

#4 – Good Deeds Jar

This is a fantastic DIY idea, suitable for the whole family. Get a jar, tub or any suitable container and fill it with 24 slips of paper. Write on each piece of paper a good deed that you can do that day. It might be taking the rubbish out for someone, de-icing a neighbour’s car, making someone breakfast, tidying your room … you name it!

Christmas is the time of peace and goodwill, and this definitely helps get everyone in that giving spirit.

#5 – Secret Library

Another DIY option for those that don’t want to spend a fortune. Why not grab 24 of your children’s favourite books (or even purchase a few new ones)? Wrap them up and leave them in a pile. Each day, or night before bedtime, take the book of the day, unwrap it and enjoy it.

It adds a little bit of mystery and excitement to the traditional bedtime routine, and gives you all something that you can share together.


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