Newborn Announcement

Last month we talked about how to announce your pregnancy to the world, from videos to creative photos, and of course the standard status update. But what about telling the Daddy-to-be? Let’s face it, no matter how you tell him or how creative you get it’s always going to be a special moment – but do you go for a big gesture, or do you just hand him a positive pregnancy test?

The gift

Rather than just handing your other half a positive pregnancy test, you could dress it up as a special gift. Go to your local craft, stationery or card store and buy a gift box and place the test inside. You could even ask a local jewellery store nicely if they have any suitably shaped boxes they may be happy to give you. When he opens the box up expecting a pen or watch, he will (hopefully) be pleasantly surprised!

Another option if you’d rather your announcement involved a little less possibility of contact with urine is wrapping up a baby names book, or even a childhood classic for you to share when your baby arrives.

The dog

If you have a dog who is your current baby then why not get them to pass on the message? From a message taped to his collar or a sign saying “promoted to big brother” there are lots of options.

If you have a bit of spare time, and a particularly clever hound, you could even teach her to do some tricks including putting a paw on your belly when you ask “where’s the baby?”. Extra points for cuteness factor on that one.

The T-shirt

These days it is so easy to order bespoke t-shirts online that it’s a great way to announce a pregnancy. From a maternity top with two little footprints to a mini-me top there are countless creative ways you can find to tell your other half. These items are great as they don’t take up much space in the memory box either.

If you have older children then why not consider getting an “I’m the big brother/sister” top for them to wear?

Including older children

Asides from the children’s tops mentioned above, there are other ways to get your older children to announce the news of a new arrival. Why not dress your little one as a superhero – after all, all superheroes need a sidekick and you can announce your one is coming soon.

Create a checklist that your little one can hand to their Daddy to show off their achievements. Tick off things such as learn to crawl, learn to walk, learn to talk, become a big sister/brother – it may take a moment but it will be amazing when they get it.

Still got a child in a cot? Why not stick an eviction notice on the side for your other half to see announcing that the cot will need to be ready for a new arrival in 30+ weeks.