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As the short days and dark nights start to creep in, it can be all too easy (and understandable) to hole up in the house and hibernate until Spring appears (waking briefly for Christmas).

However, in doing that, you could miss out on one of the best times of the year: Autumn!

Autumn is the best time of year for a walk with the family because it’s not too hot, like the summer months tend to be. The countryside in the UK is just beautiful and there are huge advantages to driving out to the nearest forest, trail or national park and rambling with the family:

It’s free

Think carefully; where else can you find an activity suitable for the whole family which is absolutely FREE? Nowhere! Beyond the price of parking and an ice cream or hot chocolate at the end of the journey there is absolutely no cost to a country walk.


It’s estimated that the average person burns up to 150 calories for each hour of walking they do. So, whilst hardly thinking about it you could not only burn calories but your joints could benefit from the movement, your muscles could increase in tone and your circulation could be improved.

Fresh Air

We all know that city living might be convenient but it’s no good for our lungs. Just occasionally, they need a little fresh air to ensure the oxygen the blood carries around our body is fresh and pure. Breathe deeply as you walk through the countryside and you’ll soon feel the difference.

Positive Mental Health

You might not know this but a study in 2008 showed that an hour long country walk has the same effects as an hour of meditation, boosting memory and concentration and leaving you feeling happy and clear headed!

Your family relations

With no distractions, screens, technology or work getting in the way, you’ve got plenty of time on your walk to enjoy the people you love. Make up games, make plans, talk to each other and reminisce about the funny things you’ve all done. You’ll find it massively improves your relationship and helps you bond.

The photos

There is nothing like Autumn weather for beautiful photos. The light is perfect, the natural colours are glorious and everyone looks healthy from the summer. Whether it’s a cold shivery day or we’re enjoying a last burst of light and warmth, be sure to take plenty of photographs of yourselves and the scenery. I’d love to see some if you fancy sharing?

Get out there and enjoy your family time.