Every year my family and I fly off to our annual summer holiday, It’s usually a long 8 hour journey and my kids travel reasonably well. We have iPads with lots of games and movie on, plus the movies that are on offer on the flight, so there’s plenty to keep them entertained. But my kids (at the time of writing this) are 10 & 7.

Imagine what it must be like for parents traveling with babies and very young children.

Every flight I’ve every travelled on, you will see parents carrying a young baby onto the plane and you can almost see all the passengers hoping to god that that baby is not going to be sitting anywhere near them.

We all know babies and planes don’t mix that well, the change in air pressure messes with my ears, but just imagine what it must be like for that small person. Total nightmare.

I see parents all the time, walking a restless baby up and down the isle, looking totally exhausted and desperately trying to sooth their restless baby.

I know when I was in that situation I would get so stressed thinking everyone was annoyed with me and that can make the situation worse.

Babies can sense when the parents are anxious, so they become anxious too.

The reason I’m writing this is I feel like I could help these parents, after all I’m a newborn photographer, soothing babies is what I do.

But would it be a step too far.

I mean, when someone books me for a newborn shoot, they can read all about me and see behind the scenes of me at work.

But these people don’t know me, I’m a stranger to them. Would they take offence at me offering to help, thinking I’m some weirded person or be relieved for the help?

I’m torn with what to do!

How would you react?

Would you jump for joy at someone offering you a hand, or be totally horrified that some stranger wants to cuddle your baby?

Have you been in this situation? Have you been on the receiving end and been offered help, or did you offer help to someone?

What was your reaction or how was it received?