Newborn photography – its easy

As a professional newborn photographer based in Chesterfield I have lost count of the times i’ve been told I have an easy job. “oh you photograph babies, it’s such an easy job, they just lie there, all you have to do is press the shutter”. “anyone with a good camera can photograph babies” “it’s not…

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Newborn photos Out takes

I’ve been in the newborn photography business for quite a number of years now and in that time i’ve have built up a collection of funny out takes from my sessions. Some of these are so funny that I will show the parents and some don’t get selected. So here are my funny photos, some…

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What newborn Photos are really for!

Yes I know what you’re thinking. Newborn photos are so you have pretty pictures of your baby. In a way you are right, Im mean, come on who doesn’t like beautiful photos of babies. But thats not all they are about. Hands up, who here after having a baby went round in a brain fog…

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The stages of labour

Every women’s labour  and delivery is going to be completely different. And one of the most frequently googled questions is “how long will my labour last”. Unfortunately, the straight answer to that is know one really knows. I mean, how long is a piece of string? What is labour? Labour is a series of continuos…

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Baby v’s Sibling

Its an exciting time for everyone when you are expecting a new baby. But for young children it can be a very unsettling and emotional time. After all they have been use to you giving them all of your attention and now a new baby is taking all of your attention , pretty much all…

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