The facts about morning sickness

Lets face it no one likes being sick and for around 10% of pregnant women this will be one of the downsides of pregnancy. Symptoms can vary from feeling a little queasy to actually chucking up. Don’t panic though, according to the NHS  it doesn’t usually last for more than a few weeks and is…

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Sitter Stage – The next mile stone

As a Derbyshire family photographer, I love photographing Newborns, but I also love watching them grow. I’m very honoured that most of my Newborn Photography clients choose to have me photograph their babies first year milestones. This includes the sitter stage. If you’ve missed baby stage, then the sitter stage is the next best time…

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New life baby Scan

At a recent baby and toddler show I met a lovely couple who have set up a private baby scan clinic in Dinnington Sheffield. We got chatting and I was instantly amazed by this amazing duo. So back in 2018 I popped over to their studio for a cuppa and to take some photos of…

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Christmas done differently

Making memories with my family is a big part of what I believe. Even in my business as a portrait photographer, making sure i capture other peoples memories for them to enjoy for year to come, is at the core of my business. Christmas, to me has become so commercialised. Its become more about giving…

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Lapland – the search for snow and Santa

As a newborn and Children’s photographer in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, my main job, is not just to take photos, its  to create memories that you will cherish for years to come. I absolutely believe that creating memories with your family should be the top of our priority list. After all, when you are gone, wouldn’t you…

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