– Bluebell mini sessions –

Hey lovely, 

Im trying something new this year for you to pay your balnce for the Bluebell mini session, so if you are having any problems, just give me a shout with which package you want to pay for.

Below are the 3 packages to choose from, pick wich package you would like and choose that option. 

There is only one appointment time (stupid system wont let me not put a time). This is not the time you are booked in for, its just so you can pay your balance.

The time you are booked in for will be on your email.

Any problems give me a shout.

– Contact me –

I would love to have a chat with you about Bluebell sessions you can either use the form or drop me an email to Lyn@wingsphotography.co.uk

or call 07783 155100

Lyn x


Would you prefer a weekday or weekend session

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