Bonfire Crafts

As we move into November our thoughts start to turn Bonfire Night. Lovely cold evenings stood around with mugs of hot chocolate, gripping on to sparklers and oohing and aahing at the fireworks lighting up the night sky. What could be better?

Well, a nice warm room and a snuggle on the sofa wouldn’t go amiss, but still, it is all rather exciting.

However, not all children enjoy fireworks, and sometimes the weather lets it all down a bit. If you would rather stay in, but want to make the most of this fun time of year, why not get involved in some of our craft ideas?

Glittery fireworks

Fireworks are fun because of all the colour and sparkles (and the occasional bang that catches you off-guard, of course) but you can recreate that yourself from the safety of your kitchen table. All you need is some black paper or card, and some tubes of glitter and glue.

No matter the age of your child or children, they will be able to make a fantastic picture with the glitter. They just might make a lot of mess too.

Kitchen foil sparklers

This is a great activity, certainly for younger children who are too nervous, or too little, to hold actual sparklers. Take a sheet of kitchen foil and rip from one end down to the middle. Repeat this at 1cm intervals for approximately 6 inches.

Once you have finished roll the un-cut edge of the foil to make a tube. Twist the end together to stop it from coming undone. With the cut pieces, spread them out so that you now have what looks like a sparkly paint brush. This makes a great sparkler you can decorate with stars or gems.

Chocolate sparklers

A fun, tasty and very easy make this one (and it contains chocolate!). Get some chocolate fingers, a bowl of hot water and another bowl of hundreds and thousands (or any cake decorations of your choice).

Dip one end of the biscuit in to the hot water, just long enough to soften the chocolate. Quickly dip the same end in to the hundreds and thousands and set aside to dry and set. Voila, you have your very own mini chocolate sparklers that everyone will love.

Catherine wheels

Another great craft idea can be to make mini Catherine wheels. Take a paper plate and stick ribbons, string or any other item along one edge to create a firework “tail”. Then add paint, sequins, stickers or anything else to the plate itself to make a beautiful firework model.