Remember, remember the 5th of November is a fantastic time for family fun!

There’s so much to do around Bonfire Night that makes it the perfect time to take your children out and about enjoying bonfires and aah-ing at fireworks.

But among the fun, there is a need to be careful. Fire and pyrotechnics might look spectacular but they can also be dangerous if the right precautions aren’t taken.

So with that in mind, this is my safe guide to firework fun!


Whether you like the loud noises or not, there’s something utterly magical about fireworks lighting up the sky. You might be partial to a Rocket, a Catherine Wheel or a Jumping Jack but you should always be on your guard.

If you’re the one lighting the fireworks, always keep to the Fireworks Code. Not only will you keep yourself safe but you’ll also be setting a great example to the children watching you.

Younger children don’t always appreciate the noise element of fireworks so a pair of ear defenders can quickly become your best friends. You may notice as well that some older children still don’t like the loud noises that come with such beautiful colours. Again, ear defenders are widely available.

Finally, if you’re having a fireworks party at your home, show some consideration for your neighbours. You might enjoy your fireworks until late in the evening but if they have young children or work commitments they might not feel the same. What’s more, setting off fireworks after 11pm is illegal so ensure you stay within the law.


From the crackle and the smell to the natural warmth of a bonfire, there is no substitute at all for a real fire. They’re gorgeous and familiar and warm and somehow make us feel like children again!

However, with a live fire comes a real responsibility. Fires can be unpredictable so you should always ensure you have a bucket of cold water just in case you need it, along with a barrier to keep small children out of harms’ reach.

Before lighting a fire, always check your pile for any animals who’ve crawled in. This time of year, hedgehogs are particularly fond of hiding in fire piles and of course lighting the fire could cause them serious harm.


You might love the 5th of November (and the surrounding days) but your furry friends probably don’t. The loud noises and the bright flashes cause havoc for your pets so you should always make sure they’re taken care of on Bonfire Night. Bringing cats and dogs, together with any animals you have in the garden such as rabbits inside and keeping them safe and away from the noise is the best way to keep them feeling safe and secure