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Its always a question that I get asked.

Why should we book in for our newborn session before baby is here? 

The earlier you book, (I recommend that you wait for until you’ve had your 20 week scan before booking), the better chance you have of having your newborn photographed in the first 2 weeks after birth.

But why is this important?

When a baby is born their bones are soft cartilage, this, along with them having 305 bones compared to an adults 206, allows them to safely be squeezed through the birth canal without causing harm to either the mother or to themselves.

Over the next few weeks after birth, these bones start to harden. I photograph Newborns from 3 to 14 days because, their bones are still soft, you can get all the cute poses that you see and love, without causing any harm to the baby.

The older the baby gets the less chance there is of achieving these poses, (and not to mention that baby will be far more alert and less likely to be sleepy too). I can and do photograph babies up to 4 weeks old, but this is only if we couldn’t get the baby in before.

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How does booking this early in my pregnancy works, as we all know babies come when they are good and ready, so how can I book a session?

As only 5% of babies arrive on their due date we use it as a guid, in most cases babies will arrive 2 weeks either side of this date. You are pencil in my diary for dates 2 weeks either side of your due date. Once your baby is here you then get a fixed date for your session.

As each baby takes up 6 days in my diary I can only take a limited number of booking per month. So as places are extremely limited I ask that people book in as early as possible after their 20 week scan.

What if I left it until baby is here?

Yes you can do that, but as I explained above, I may not have any space to fit you in. You could get lucky, if i have a few ladies go overdue, I may have space to fit you in. But it a week by week basis.

What happens if my baby is born Premature?

If a baby is born before time then of course the best place for them is the hospital and I wouldn’t want you worrying about your session. As soon as baby is well enough to leave the hospital we get them into the studio for photos.

If your baby is premature then they often spend a lot of time a sleep and depending on how premature they are they should be able to do newborn poses.

If your baby is term and has to spend time in hospital then they may be more awake when we do the session. So although we may not get a lot of sleepy poses you will still get some lovely awake photos with some great facial expressions.

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To book a session now give me a call on 07783 155100 or email me and let me know whens best to give you a call