This Is my lovely client, Bridget’s really birth story.

I was due to have baby on Sunday 17th July and on the Thursday before I went for a sweep, but the midwife told me I couldn’t have one because my cervix was to posterior and too hard. So she said that she predicted I would go around 2 weeks over.

I was quite fed up of being pregnant at that point and really wanted to get her out.

On the Friday night I was watching Coronation Street and Kylie Platt was murdered and I was hysterical, totally inconsolable (hormones lol).

The next morning at 3.30 my waters broke. I was in bed, I jumped straight out of bed as I didn’t want to soak the mattress (Lyn did advise us to get a matress protector lol).

Phoned the midwife and was told to gone in at 8am that morning to see what the situation was.

So off we when and when they checked me I was told that only one set of waters had gone and to come back the next day unless my contractions got quicker. For the next hour I was only having 1 contraction per hour.

Went in on the 17th at 10am and they induced me to beak my 2nd set of waters. Right up until 1pm nothing was really happening, I was only 1cm dilated, my contractions were coming quicker but they weren’t really doing much. I was then told it could be another 24 hours before she would be born.

Then around 2pm ish the peccary that they put in to induce me fell out and that’s when everything started kicking off, my contractions got quicker.

I was given and injection of pethidine into my bottom to relieve the pain as it was getting quite bad. But it made me hallucinates and throw up.

Up to 7pm I went with out any pain relief just some breathing techniques my friend had shown me how to do, this worked really well for me. They kept trying to get me to lie down on my back but I dint want to, I kept standing on my tiptoes which relieved the pain really well.

At 7pm the midwives changed over and the new lot on shift checked me and said I was 7cms and baby would be born that evening.

It got to 9.30pm and I can remember them telling me to push. I remember lying on the bed with my legs in stirrup things. At this point I was on gas and air and was sending selfies to my sister in law, I was totally out of it lol.

I suffer with anxiety and was scared to push as I had got it in my head baby was going to hurt me. I could feel the pushing sensation but I didn’t want to push as I was really scared. It took them a long time to talk me round to that zone where I felt comfortable pushing.

With lots of encouragement I did get into that frame of mind with them reassuring me all along that, yes it was going to hurt but they would be there every step of the way and Ryan, my husband, was next to me.

At around 10pm ish I was starting to get anxious and they told me if I didn’t push they would need to get the wentouse out, which I really didn’t want. So I knew I had to get her out myself.

As baby was big the midwives asked my permission to cut me, but she also had her arm over the top of her head with her elbow sticking out. This resulted in me getting a 3rd degree tear.

Ryan, watched me give birth and he has since said it was the worst thing ever as it was horrible seeing me in all that pain.

Im quite proud of my self because im very loud normally and I only screamed when she came out and that was because of how she tore me (which as you can imagine was quite painful).

Finally my baby was here. She was put straight on to me and everything was fine. But not long after they put her on my chest she went blue and flopped. I just remember the midwives saying to Ryan to press the button. He didn’t know what the hell was going on, he just pressed the button and within seconds all the midwives and doctor came running in with a big white machine. They took Daisy straight over to the machine. Because of the emergency Ryan couldn’t cut the cord as they needed to do it fast.

It was the worst 5 minuets of my life.

They had got her on the white machine and because I worked for St Johns ambulance I knew all the terminologies they were using while working on her.

She had stopped breathing.

Ryan and I were in tears. The doctors were amazing and never took his eyes off me and he kept reassuring me that everything was going to be ok.

Eventually she cried. She was fine.

They brought her back over to us and it was such a releife to have her in my arms.

They said it was to do with some fluid on her lungs and the shock of the birth that had stopped her from breathing .

We had half an hour to phone our family to tell them she had been born. I was then rushed off for surgery to be stitched up while Ryan, bless him was left alone with Daisy. Poor guy said it was a complete panic for him as he was left alone with this tiny baby, not really knowing what to do. He got told off because he was walking up and down the corridor with her and because she had a tag on her the nurses were freaking out the he was going to set the alarms off.

After my surgery, which lasted 2 and half hours, I was finally reunited with Ryan and Daisy. I just remember sitting up drinking hot chocolate and eating toast and jam while they were trying to get me to breast feed Daisy.

It was a good labour and I enjoyed it. I’m expecting my 2nd child now, so it didn’t put me off and I’m really looking forward to giving birth again. I just hope we don’t have a repeat of the tearing or the stopping breathing bit!

We Came in for our newborn session with Lyn when Daisy was 10 day old.Chesterfield Derbyshire baby photos Chesterfield Derbyshire baby photos Chesterfield Derbyshire baby photos Chesterfield Derbyshire baby photos Chesterfield Derbyshire baby photos Chesterfield Derbyshire baby photos Chesterfield Derbyshire baby photos Chesterfield Derbyshire baby photos