Over the last 11 years as a photographer, I have got to meet some wonderful people and some very special families.

Bridget and Ryan are just one of them.

I first met this wonderful couple when I photographed their nephews as bump and babies.  Fast forward a few years and I was given the honour of photographing Ryan & Bridget’s wedding. Its so lovely when you feel like you are part of a family and thats just what i feel like with these guys. Bridget even jokes that im like their families official photographer.

I was delighted when they told me they were expecting their first child and asked me to capture her newborn portraits.

Daisy made a rather dramatic entrance into this world (read her birth story here) but was such a cutie.

A couple of weeks ago we decided to do some bump photos and I had a lovely idea of getting in the river.

Having known Bridget for years now, I knew she would be game.

I have quite a few quiet locations that I photograph maternity sessions in. This is so it feels very private and you haven’t got loads of people watching you.

So off we went to a beautiful location and although slightly nervous she stripped off and got in to the river.

I think you will agree, she looks like a total goddess.

Bump to baby photos Chesterfield Derbyshire Mansfield Sheffield

The water was a tad on the cold side so i didn’t keep her in there for very long.

After she was back on dry land and all cleaned up she put on another of my gowns and we went and did some more portraits.

Bridget totally rocked this part too!

How amazing dose she look!!

Bump to baby photos Chesterfield Derbyshire Mansfield Sheffield

Of course we couldn’t not get Ryan and daisy in on the action too.

Bump to baby photos Chesterfield Derbyshire Mansfield Sheffield

Im so excited for the birth of this little man and cant wait to capture his newborn portraits too. Im just hopping that his entrance into the world is far less dramatic than Daisy’s was.

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