The first year of your beautiful baby’s life will fly by. Im not only speaking to you as a Cake smash Photographer, but as a mum of 2. Trust me when I say, before you can turn around twice, your once tiny newborn will be crawling around getting into everything and BAM its their first birthday.

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Ive met so many parents that have literally driven themselves mad (including myself), wracking their brains on the best way to celebrate that 1st year mile stone. So here Ive put together some ideas for you.

The cake smash

For me this is by far the best way to not only celebrate their first birthday, but to make memories of this very special time.

Lets face it, they are not going to remember anything about their first birthday. So by having a cake smash photo session You can capture them having amazing fun smashing the cake and the splash time in the special bath tub too.

Yes they wont remember it, but just imaging on the 2nd birthday, or the 4th or 8th birthday being able to sit down with your child and showing them the photos from the session. Children are always fascinated seeing themselves in pictures but they will also be mesmerised by the story that goes with it. Telling them how they had such fun bashing the cake, how they threw a pice at daddy and it hit him on the head. They joy you will see on their face will be amazing.

Your cake smash can be completely customised to you, so there are never 2 smashes the same.

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1st birthday party

OK im going to say it, this is more a party for the adults than it is for the kids.

Yes you might have a load of other babies and children there but I can guarantee that after about an hour your little one will become tired and ratty and will want a nap. This is exactly what happened to not only me, but all of my friends who threw 1st birthday parties for our first children. So you end up having the party while your tot naps away.


Day out

This is perfect. Pick somewhere like the zoo, wildlife park or aquarium so there is plenty for your little one to look at. You can go with as many people as you want or it can just be the 3 of you. Just remember to take loads of photos so you can show them to your little one when they are older.