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When you think about it (but not too hard or you’ll crumble under the pressure) choosing a baby name is one of the hardest things you’ll have to do.

After all, whatever name you choose (often on a whim) will stick with you baby for the rest of their life, so it’s essential that you find something that you not only love but that they can live with.

When choosing a name, there are a few pratfalls to steer well clear of:

The name nobody can pronounce or spell

There’s nothing wrong with liking a unique name, after all who wants to be one of five children in the class with the same name? However, if the name you love is either so difficult to pronounce that you’re saddling your child with a lifetime of correcting people as they pronounce it wrong, or is difficult or unusual to spell, maybe it’s time to reconsider.

The name that’s great for a baby

Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools have four children, Daisy Boo, Poppy Honey, Petal Blossom and Buddy Bear. Which are all, it has to be said, lovely names but can you seriously imagine any of them as grown up’s names. The Barrister whose name is Buddy Bear, Dr Poppy Honey, and so on. It might be dull to think about now, but when you’re choosing a name, it’s essential to make sure it’s likely to suit them at all points of their lives.

In the same fashion, you might find a name you adore but that doesn’t sound right for a baby. Some names suit older children and adults, but simply aren’t “baby” names and given that you’ll spend the first few years of their lives with a baby or infant, you want something that suits them from the very beginning.

The name that’s after a celebrity

We’re a little obsessed with celebrities and whilst that’s a good thing if that’s what you’re into, do you really want to saddle your child with the name of your favourite film star or singer, especially if their name is particularly unique? Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a Tom (Cruise) or a Jennifer (Aniston) because these are fairly common names and you can explain the choice behind them, but throw a Kanye or a Beyonce into the mix and the name becomes silly.

And finally

Say the name out loud, at least 60 times in a row. Try saying it then shouting it. Try saying it in a variety of tones – exasperated, angrily, with as much love as you can find.

If you still love it, keep it.

I would love to hear how did you decide on your babies name?