Making memories with my family is a big part of what I believe. Even in my business as a portrait photographer, making sure i capture other peoples memories for them to enjoy for year to come, is at the core of my business.

Christmas, to me has become so commercialised. Its become more about giving and receiving gifts than it has about spending time with your loved ones.

In years to come will your child really remember that LOL doll you brought or how you laughed at grandad jumping up and down after winning a game of monopoly. Can you really remember what you got for Christmas when you were 5?

I cant.

I can remember my mum forgetting to get the stuffing out of the oven for Christmas dinner, she only remembered right at the end. I think i was 14. We still joke about it to this day.

Yet I cant recall what presents I got.

This year we took the kids on a once in a life time 3 day tip to Lapland, memories that we will truly treasure.

But as I’m sure you are well aware a trip to Lapland is not cheap!

So we decided to do something a little bit different this year with regards to Christmas presents, not only to help to save money but to give the children the meaning of Christmas back.

Rather than buy lots of toys that they would play with for, at best a few weeks, we are giving them the gift of family time & making memories.

So with that in mind I have made fake gift vouchers for family days out and activities we can do as a family.

These are for things like:

A Day out at Chester Zoo

A Day out at Longleat Safari park

10 Pin  Bowling 

Matlock Farm Park day out 

Alton towers

And many more.


I have then printed them out and will divide them between the Children to open on Christmas Day.

Yes, of course they are still getting a few gifts, but way less than the last few years.

Yes the days out will still cost money, but they will be spread out over the year and cost way less then the toys we would have brought for Christmas, most which would probably not see much use.

We can have fantastic days out and make wonderful memories too.