Over easter I have a very important visitor.

Meet Molly she is a Stand in Baby (SIB).


Newborn Baby Photography Chesterfield Derbyshire

The Stand In Baby is the words first fully articulated posing and training aid, specifically designed for newborn photographers, by newborn photographers.  As a Derbyshire baby photographer I’m very excited about this new piece of equipment and can’t wait to receive mine in July.

Molly was on loan from the Guild of Photographers, who I am a member of.

I had been asked to teach more advance newborn posing and along with 2 real babies I also used Molly for my trainee to practice on.

For this the SIB is perfect, as these more advance poses should never be attempted without being fully trained. The SIB means my trainee can practice to refine their technique without the worry of hurting a real baby.

One of the poses we did was the froggy. A very technically difficult pose and one which not all babies will be able to do.

Newborn Baby Photography Chesterfield Derbyshire

As you can see, safety is always paramount, not only in my working practice, but also in my teaching, and baby is fully supported al all times.

Here is my trainee attempting the froggy pose on Molly, our SIB.


Newborn Baby Photography Chesterfield Derbyshire

Now Molly is off to play with another photographer and I have to wait until July until I receive my very own SIB. I will be using it in all my training sessions.


If you are interested in either my Newborn training or my Newborn photography please email me on Lyn@wingsphotography.co.uk