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Having a new baby is quite possibly one of the most exciting times in your life. It can also be one of the most expensive.

As well as the hopes and dreams you have, as well as the plans you can’t wait to make, it also seems that there hundreds of products you simply won’t be able to live without.

While hardly thinking about it, you could spend an absolute fortune on all of those items everyone else says you’ll need, but as many parents have found after the event there are a lot of things that just end up being a waste of your money.

So what do you absolutely need?


Of course, your new arrival isn’t going to get far without clothes. Many people resist buying too much because it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll get tons of presents, but others just can’t help themselves. Of course, how much you buy is completely up to you but if you’re trying to keep it to a minimum, you’ll need between 8 and 10 sleepsuits, between 6 and 8 vests, a sun hat, some soft cotton hats, socks, scratch mitts and a pramsuit or snowsuit if you’re having a winter baby.


Until you have a newborn, you won’t believe how many nappies you can get through and how many you’ll need in a single day. Try not to fall down, but your baby might go through between 10 and 12 nappies every day. With that in mind, you really need to have at least 30 disposable nappies in your armoury. Alternatively, you might opt for reusable or cloth nappies, and if that’s the case then consider having at least 15 to work through.


Whichever way you choose to feed your baby, you’ll need some equipment. If you’re breastfeeding you’ll need special bras, breast pads and a cushion. You might also need nipple shields and cream. If you’ve decided to use bottles then you’ll need bottles and teats, a steriliser and brushes. In addition, you’ll also need to have some milk ready and you’ll have to take some to the hospital when you go to have your baby.


The current guidelines state you should have baby in your room until he or she is 6 months old. If you’re planning on sticking to this, you’ll need somewhere safe and secure for them to sleep. A Moses Basket or a Crib are the most popular options but some cots also slot nicely onto a bed to allow baby to feel close to you during the night.


Your baby might not need a full bath every day but they will need to be washed, so think about cotton wool, a bowl and a baby bath, or (if space is an issue) a bath support.


Most hospitals won’t allow you to take baby home without a proper car seat, so you’ll need to have this ready when you want to go home. After that, you can either choose a full travel system, a pram or a pushchair.


Your baby is only this tiny for such a short length of time. Capture that newness with a newborn photography session. Take a look at my blog about safety in newborn photography before booking your photographer.

I would love to hear what you consider were your essential buys when you had your new baby. Did you buy things that were a waste of money? leave your comments below.