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One of the best things about being a parent is watching your child achieve a myriad of milestones. From their first smile, to their University graduation – you’ll be there, poised with a camera, to capture every moment.

As their first Birthday approaches, you may be looking for wonderful ways to make the most of this amazing day. Not only to look back at what they have achieved in their first year, but the fact that you managed to survive it! Well done you – you definitely deserve a pat on the back.

Here at Wings Photography we love being part of Birthday celebrations, whether it’s the first, or 100th. We offer cake smash photography shoots, which are a lot of fun (and totally calorie free), and a great way to get some candid shots of your little one on their special day.

But, we also love looking at the traditions people start and take through the years, so we’ve been doing some research, and here are our favourite five.


#1 – Build a Bear

One family we know goes to Build a Bear every year with their daughter (now 10) and buys her a new Build a Bear (complete with accessorised wardrobe, of course).

They say it’s a great family day out (they stop for something to eat, and make a real afternoon of it), and their daughter loves looking at all her teddies and saying goodnight to them at the end of every day.


#2 – Happy Birthday video

Another family said that on the day their baby was born the Midwives spontaneously burst in to singing “Happy Birthday” to him. Dad caught it on video, and since then, they have filmed themselves singing the same song to him on every birthday.

“Theo is currently five, and when he’s 18 they plan to provide him with a video of all the clips pulled together, so he can see how much he’s changed year on year.”

We’ll be honest, this one really gave us the feels!


#3 – Growth charts

Growth charts always make wonderful keepsakes, no matter when you choose to take your measurements, but doing it on a Birthday is extra special (and of course easy to remember).

Maybe combine it with a photograph, so you can see all the other changes from year to year?


#4 – Photo Frames

Another couple said they took a photo of their daughter shortly before her Birthday each year, and put it in a nice frame. They always ensure there’s plenty of card backing around the photo, and at her party they ask friends and family to write a little message around the photo.

At the age of eight she now has a lovely little collection of photos and messages around her bedroom wall, and something to look back on when she’s older.

As a photographer, I have to admit this might be my favourite tradition!


#5 – The Birthday Tree

When you child is born, or perhaps on their first birthday, why not plan a special tree in your garden? Then, every year on their birthday, you can take a photograph of them next to the tree, and marvel at how they’ve both grown.


Let us know if you do anything special with your little ones, and what traditions you’ve started. Head on over to our Facebook page.