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A little while ago a photo was doing the rounds on Facebook claiming that the flash from a mobile phone left a newborn blind while a family friend was taking photos, even the Mail online picked up on the story. You can read it here.

As a Derbyshire Newborn Photographer I have been asked it countless times “Can your flash damage a newborn eyesight”?

The answer to this is No! It can’t damage your newborns eyesight.

I have been a photographer over 9 years now and not once has my flash caused damage to anyones sight, if it had you can bet I would have a lot of very upset clients. In fact you can read what Snopes has to say about it.

The duration that my flash fires is 1/125 of a second and the power out put is much much lower than the sun.

So there is really no need to worry about using your flash on your phone or by taking your newborn to a Newborn photographer who uses flash.

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