Sports day is just around the corner, and that means the summer holidays won’t be far behind. Whilst the prospect of entertaining your little ones for a full six weeks is likely to cause you a certain amount of dread, one thing that’s sure to make any parent hyperventilate is the age-old question what to get teacher at the end of term.

Over the years the idea of teacher gift-buying has taken hold, and the pressure to participate has increased. Gone are the days when you could slope out of the classroom mumbling “I didn’t realise we did that over here”, whilst beating a hasty retreat to the car.

Supermarkets fill their seasonal aisles with an array of candles, potted plants and bath bubble sets in a bid to offer you a last minute get out of jail card. But really, does Mrs Minchin need 25 daffodils to tend to or a month’s supply of chocolates?

How then do you find something that will be useful and unique? One of the best ways you can stand out from the crowd is to personalise your gift, here are our five favourite ideas.

You’re a mint teacher

Why not buy a pack of mint imperials and put them in a jar or tin (get your timing right and you can recycle one from home)? Decorate the jar or tin with something along the lines of “Mrs Harris is a mint teacher”. Nice, humorous and completely useful.

Alternatively, Local company Owl Bake for you has these amazing baking jars (pictured above) or  you can do a quick internet search and no doubt find a company that will personalise a jar for you.

Thank you letter

If your child is genuinely attached to their teacher, or has come on leaps and bounds as a result of their involvement, why not encourage them to write a letter? The problem with any present is that in years to come it’s likely to be forgotten, or the teacher in question may struggle to remember who actually bought it.

A letter containing words from the heart (and maybe an adorable crayon drawing) will tug at the heartstrings, and will be something that no one else could possibly have given. If that isn’t enough reason to do it, just think how cost effective it is as a good.

Club together

You’ve spent a whole year waiting on the playground together, now might be the time to reach out and speak to your fellow parents. Instead of all buying little nik-naks that your teacher has to somehow cart home, why not club together to get one big present?

A simple £5 contribution each could mean Miss (or Mr) ends up with a £150 voucher for their favourite store. They could buy something for the house, she treat herself to a special piece of jewellery, or he could put it towards his holiday spending money.


If you’re a teacher we would love to hear from you – what is the best gift you’ve ever received from a pupil? What do you wish people knew you’d like? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know.