Not only is baby massage beneficial to help relieve things like colic & teething pain, its also a great way to bond with your baby.

Babies cant understand language but find comfort through touch. For example, we will pick a baby up and give them a cuddle if they cry and sooth them by stroking their back.

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In these video, Amanda, From Move with Mumma, guides you though some simple to do, at home, baby massage.


What oil is best?

At Move with Mumma we use 100% Pure Coconut Oil as it’s natural and great for babies with sensitive skin. For new-born’s under 4 weeks, avoid using any oil.

Avoid massage if baby…

  • Is crying and unwell
  • Has had a vaccination less 48 hours than a week before
  • Is suffering from a soft tissue injury or fracture of any kind
  • Is undergoing specialist treatment – unless medical permission has been given
  • Has any swelling or open sores
  • Has temperature or fever


Before you begin

  • Remove any jewellery
  • Wash your hands
  • Do a patch test for the oil you are using if you’ve not used it on baby before
  • Gain permission by rubbing the oil in your hands, close to baby’s face, and asking ‘are you ready for your massage baby?’


Watch out for babies cues throughout, they will let you know if they are not enjoying the massage. Listen to your baby and give them a rest of they need it, 2 minutes of happy massage is better for both of you than 15 minutes of a tense, difficult massage.

Use lots of oil throughout.

Perform 6-8 strokes for each move.


Baby Massage Strokes – TUMMY

This is great for relieving colic and constipation, do this once a day. If baby suffers with colic or constipation do this more often.

Warm the oil by rubbing your hands together, close to babies face, Then place you warm hands onto baby’s tummy.

Round the Clock – clockwise circles around baby’s belly button – the same direction as the waste travels through intestines and bowels.

Tummy Paddles releases gas and relieves constipation – this one is great for colic.

Bottom Bounce – Hold baby legs and gently bounce their bottom.

Cycle Legs – gently pressing each knee into baby’s stomach to help massage the area, one at a time.

This song makes the Cycle Legs move fun for baby:

“The Grand Old Duke of York”

 Oh, The grand old Duke of York,

He had ten thousand men;

He marched them up to the top of the hill,

And he marched them down again.

 And when they were up, they were up,

And when they were down, they were down,

And when they were only half-way up,

They were neither up nor down.

Round the Clock – clockwise circles around baby’s belly button.

Hold Baby’s Legs and Paddle with One Hand – Helps constipation and wind.

 Thumbs Side Strokes – place your thumbs at baby’s belly button and stroke across and out.

 Full Frontal Stretch – long strokes from head to toe relaxation and stretch to finish the area.

Heres the video for this section:


Baby Massage Strokes – CHEST

These strokes will help baby’s breathing and break up congestion. It’s great to do this daily or more than once a day if baby has a cold.

 Pitter, Patter Raindrops – With loose fingers, tap on baby’s chest, raindrop action. This breaks up congestion.

Chest Lovehearts

Both hands on baby’s chest, stroke out and up from sternum to shoulders in the shape of a heart.

Releases mucus from the chest

 Open them Close them

A lovely stretch for baby with a fun song

 open them close them,

open them close them,

don’t get in a muddle.

open them close them,

open them close them,

give yourself a cuddle.

Heres the video for this section:

Baby Massage Strokes – FACE & HEAD

Teething strokes to help ease any pain and sinus strokes to help clear baby’s nasal passage. Do these whenever you think baby needs them.

Signs that baby may be teething can be dribbling and gnawing. The slightly firm pressure we use with these strokes distracts the pain feeling.

 Cheek Chin (stroke over lip to cheek – down to chin)

Babies seem to love this rhyme with the stroke:

Cheek chin, cheek chin, cheek chin, nose.

Cheek chin, cheek chin, cheek chin, toes!

Cheek / Jaw Circles – using 2 fingers, make little circles on baby’s jaw releases any tension

Happy Smiles – Draw a smile around baby’s mouth, applying slightly firm pressure to help ease any teething pain.

 Happy Sinus Strokes – using both your index fingers, draw up the bridgeof baby’s nose, then back down, under the cheeks, over the tops of the ears and down under baby’s chin. Great for clearing baby’s nasal passage.

 Sleepy Strokes – Place thumbs between baby’s eyebrows and gently stroke outwards. A lovely way to finish the massage and settle your baby.

Heres the video for this section:


Full video

If you want, you can play the full video and follow along:


My thanks to Amanda from Move with Mumma for all this amazing information.
Amanda runs fitness classes specifically for new mums. Nurture Fitness is safe Postnatal Exercise and Baby Massage in One Session! Your first session is free. To find out more or book your free session, head to