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Ive been a Derbyshire photographer now for 8 years, 4 of those as a Newborn Photographer. When I meet new people and they ask me what I do for a living, as soon as I say I’m a Specialist Newborn Photographer they ‘ahhh” and tell me I have a wonderful job. Yes I do, I have the best job in the world, but it isn’t without its hazards.

So if you are thinking about becoming a Newborn photographer here are just a few of those “hazards” you will encounter:

You will get very hot and sweaty!

The temperature in my studio when working with babies is around 25 degrees. At this temperature baby will be nice and cosy, after all they will be naked, and parents won’t be too hot and bothered while sitting watching their session.

However, when you’re working you will get extremely hot and sweaty. You start the session all pristine and finish looking like you’ve had a good workout. I’ve heard one photographer say that she even had sweat dripping into her eyes!

You may get wet!

As babies will be completely naked during their session the invertible is going to happen. Yes babies wee when they have no nappy on and sometimes, especially with the boys, it may be coming your way. I have lost count the number of times I’ve been wee’d on, the best one was a little boy who just missed my face by a few inches. But it all cleans up so parents don’t worry if you baby has to go, we are do use to it.

You may get pooped on!

Again, with baby not having a nappy on this may happen during the session. You are not a newborn photographer until you’ve had your hand full of baby poo! Don’t worry, it all wipes up and all your blankets that you use should be washable, I know mine are. We just clean it up and carry on. The best incident for my was a few years ago. I was working with a baby who every time I put her in to a pose she would cry a little, she was still fast asleep but was annoyed at me keep moving her. I joked through the session that she was waiting for the optimal time to poo over me. To my surprise, she went the whole session without pooping, that was until we had finished, as I handed her back to dad, she pooped all down my white linen trousers. Mental note, don’t wear white linen trousers for newborn sessions!

If I capture any of the funny wee or poop photos, I gift these to the parents. They then have them as funny reminders of their session and can use them to embarrass their child when they are older.

You will become a prop/blanket/headband/hat addict!

You will forever be buying a new item for your baby photography business. Everywhere you look you will see something you can use as a prop or to put a newborn in. Hat and headband suppliers will make fabulous new items that you will decide you just have to have. Believe me before you know it, you will have spent so much on props you will declare yourself on a prop ban.

Ladies, you will get broody!

Its bound to happen, you cuddle all these cute babies all day long that your ovaries will simply explode. The great thing is though, we get to have all the nice parts without the sleepless night.

Aside from these few hazards, I do have an amazing job. I get to cuddle all these beautiful new babies and provide their parents with stunning photos that they will treasure.

I could never envisage doing anything else.

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