My heart goes out to any baby suffering with nappy rash, it really is nasty. and over the years as a Newborn Photographer i’ve seen some babies who have suffered terribly with it, with their red raw bums, it can really be distressing for both parents and baby.

There is good news though, there is lots you can do to avoid or sooth it when it happens.

1 – Go nappy free

Your baby is less likely to develop nappy rash if their bum is clean and dry, so, if you’re up for it, try letting your baby go nappy free at times during the day.

You can use puppy pads on the floor with a clean blanket over it and lay your baby on top for short time. This allows plenty of air get to baby’s bum and helps reduce the amount of time in nappies.

2 -Choose the best nappy

Some babies have super sensitive skin and can become irritated by the products used in some nappies. Some babies may get nappy rash with one brand and not with another, so it may be worth trying different brands and seeing what suites your baby.

You could even try the reusable nappies to see if they are any better for your baby. Yes these may be a little more work, but if they stop your baby getting nappy rash, it would be well worth it.

3 – Keep a diary

It may not just be the chemicals and products in the nappies thats causing the nappy rash, it could be anything from the wipes or creams that you are using.

To rule things out, think about going completely product free and only using cotton wool and warm water to clean your babies bum then pat dry before putting on the new nappy. Then re introduce products one by one and see if there is any reaction.

4- Change frequently

If your baby is experiencing nappy rash try changing your baby more frequently so they are not settling in a wet nappy for too long. A wet nappy can cause a babies bottom to become clammy with leads to irritation,

5- Nappy cream

If your baby is forever getting nappy rash, they using a moisture resistant nappy cream. These create a protective layer between baby’s bum and the nappy. Always remember to dry your baby bottom thoroughly before applying the cream.

6- Check your diet

If your baby has an allergy or food intolerance they are more likely to suffer from nappy rash. What every you eat is converted into breast milk, so if you are breast feeding check what you are eating to see if there is any patten with when flare ups happen.